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Our group kits have been devised to help you and your team or social circle grow together, providing techniques and knowledge in your area of interest. Enhancing personal and professional development. Our kits provide you and your team /social circle with the tools to enhance and work as a group to grow together. Presenting you with the activities and guides for fun interaction with impactful information.  Enjoy our subscription services when hosting group sessions or holding team meeting providing you with 3 Empowering kits selected by you and designed by our team for easy, digestible tools for you and your team's development. 

  • Perfect for power couples 
  • Friendship circles 
  • Directors / Managers growing stable effective work cultures and environment 
  • Team building - best practices, health and wellness and support for your growing team

So please be sure to indicate requirement in your order form or please feel free to contact us via phone or email to gain the most out of your tailored kit.

Wyhn support Kits - Group

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Subscribe & save 15% - Selected by you, designed by us
£80.99every month for 3 months
  • Group Kits: -

    Standardly group kits provide information and gifts for up to 4 participants. If you require further inserts, feel free to select on your order form or you can make changes within order confirmation call or email. 

    Folder requested number of guides 


    Mini Gifts bags: Edible / Non-edible gift (consumer requirement will be checked upon order)

    Promo gift and info

    Luxury journals and individual pens sets (highlighters and Wyhn pen)

    Group kits also include 1 free session for a duration of 1 hour. This is to help with any assistance you may need when planning how to conduct your session using guides or any questions or feedback you would like to provide after your sessions.

    Guides cannot be returned or refunded, but you can receive new guides or inserts, if you have contacted us within 48hours of receiving your kit and you are not happy with the presented information, we will arrange a telephone meeting to discuss how we can deliver the guide or inserts you require.

  • Standardly group kits provide information and gifts for up to 4 participants. If you require further inserts, feel free to select on your order form or you can make changes within order confirmation call or email. Max participants up to 6 per group development kit order. 

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