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Why you, should work with a Wyhn coach!

Working with one of our business coaches helps you clarify your personal and professional goals and objectives to help you flourish and expand your skills. When working with our service you can direct your focus on what matters to you most within your business or place of work. 

Our aim is to help you manage and maintain a successful business with relevant support and guidance from one of our coaches. 

We help you to; 

- Look at your business with a broader perspective

- Identify new business opportunities 

- Support your business through all transitional stages

- Create a business and brand that demonstrates longevity

And so much more!

Our personal development support service is designed to empower your personal journey. Strengthening and enhancing your skills and providing you with the tools to develop new techniques and gain new knowledge.

All sessions are action point-based and would need your time, honest dedication and commitment.

How do you know if your coach will improve my business?

Feel free to ask your coach about experience and qualifications which is relevant to your growth. All coaches are highly trained to provide you with the best support and guidance required for your business and the stage it is at while enhancing your expertise and improving your industry knowledge for sustainable development.

Unless requested or unavoidable you will be consistently booked with the same coach, to help maintain a healthy business relationship and rapport. 

How do you know that Wyhn is the right service for you

If you are looking for something new, fresh and vibrant to bring to your company to help motivate and innovate you and your staff in an ever-changing market, then this is the service for you!
With customer care our highest priority, we value and take pride in providing the best service for you!

Your coach will remind you why enhancing and exploring new business skills are important, how to implement, approach and observe business tasks and activities. Working with us you will always be provided realistic expectations from evaluations, respect and trust! 

Anything and everything is possible when your business is open to change, exploring new business possibilities or improving the old structure and always gaining satisfaction from positive results. 

How do you customise your services for niche companies?

No package is made or presented to a company/organisation/person before the first consultation.

The coaching service you will receive is designed from the consultation, created for you and with you.

All first consultations/evaluations are free.

The consultation will be based around the needs you want for your business, the evaluation will be our resolutions to your desired business direction.

The evaluation will then be the bases for session direction, which can be altered by our clients at any point with valid strategical reason. 

Our packages are designed for companies of all sizes, to gain the most out of our service for the best of their development and growth. 

We work with companies prestart - exit and have a range of strategical benefits for all business stages and sectors.

Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds are applicable within 48 hours request. All sessions have the 48-hour purchase refund rule. So if you do purchase a session and then feel it is not for you after purchased please send Shards an email for her to cancel the payment request and get the funds sent back to you straight away. Anytime after the 48 hours, the funds will not be returned but the session will be cancelled (this is explained further in cancellations). Any payment disputes can be taken up with the appropriate reasoning which will be stated in our dispute forms sent out to you.
Cancellations, hoping you never need to cancel an appointment would be a dream come true, but we all know things happen and life comes up! We just ask for the courtesy of at least 24 hours cancellation time at minimum. This is so we can rearrange the time slot to be used usefully, and the notification will allow us to know that you are hopefully safe and okay, which is all we ask of our clients

Do you only cover the UK?

No! Our service does indeed, travel outside of the UK. and provides training and information for those companies outside of the UK or wanting to set up within the UK. Within a reasonably requested time frame, we can also provide travel to offices depending on location and due to technology, we can always arrange video called sessions

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

Of course, that is what we are here to do, innovate and secure your WIN with Wyhn!

We will break down your current state in the market and help improve your overall business performance and security. Stabilising and developing strategic planning, implementing marketing structures, forecasting and general office or HR issues. We will support you at all levels! 

Support is key for our clients so we encourage you to accept challenges and overcome the difficulties in operation.

Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions for each service is and will be provided upon your request and at once purchased one of our services. So you can request all our terms and conditions for the service of your interest in detail. This will include, schedule information, price guide, and insurance and data protection information.

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Still have questions? Reach out and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.