Lets remove Rumination!

Updated: Jan 30

Whenever I see the word Rumination, I see the sentence Rum in action!

Rumination is the way we train and use our thought pattern to revolve in a negative draining way.

We often feel the strain of the day to day struggles when we constantly hold ourselves back when feeling overwhelmed with problematic thinking.

From the smallest issues of running late to the biggest issues we feel we face.

We need to flip all negative thoughts into a positive to leave the Rumination stress behind!

Take a look at the 'Guides for you' section on our site to gain more ways on how you can remove negative and sustain positive thought patterns.

Who is the new you?

Are you using your time wisely?

Do you take the time out to reward yourself?

And do you often thinking of others needs, not for there needs, but for growth within yourself?

Tip of the week:

- Try to provide the treatment to others, which you would like to receive.....

Often we look for praise or a compliment, rather than giving one first or providing an example of the treatment we expect to gain. So why not be the first person to distribute the behaviour we expect to receive!

Events are all we need.....

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